Andi and MatinaAndi and Matina

Gym Owners

Matina finds it almost impossible to keep her feet on the ground. Whether on the beach or a London street, she’s always only two steps away from a cartwheel. But it was that passion for gymnastics that led us both to The Little Gym – a decision that has changed our lives, and the lives of our families.

An ex-gymnast herself, Matina’s children have been members of The Little Gym since they were babies. Matina noticed that her children glowed after each class, and the difference it made to them physically, socially and emotionally was amazing. Today, they are often seen happily teaching children to cartwheel in the school playground.

Andi, passionate about child development and any kind of sport – from paragliding to scuba diving –  fell in love with The Little Gym straight away. Andi was gobsmacked by the programme’s fun, nurturing approach to developing the whole child after her two children also joined The Little Gym. You get two steps in the door at Andi’s house and at least one child will run up saying ‘come and see my somersault!’.

And now we have four children that can't resist cartwheeling. Going out as two families and trying to manage all those cartwheels – now, that’s tricky!

It was when we acted as Chair and Vice Chair of our local school’s parent’s association that we discovered how well we work together, feeding off each other’s energy, positivity and a joint passion to make a difference. 

But we wanted to make a difference outside of our school as well. So, we joined forces, got our British Gymnastics coaching qualifications, and started our journey to open The Little Gym Windsor.   

In our gym, we want each child to feel loved and valued, building their self-esteem and confidence on a personal level. We want to build their bodies, their brains, and their social and emotional skills. And by doing that, we will help them build a foundation of skills that will last a life time.

Just as importantly, we want them to have FUN – that’s when they learn best! Throwing on an imaginary cape and feeling their feet fly as they master their first forward roll, cartwheel, somersault or flip. We want them to float on a happy, confident cloud every single time they leave the gym.

We can’t wait to welcome your family to The Little Gym Windsor, and we hope to see your child's eyes sparkling with fun and confidence in our gym soon!

Andi and Matina
Owners – The Little Gym Windsor